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Quick Tip:
Would you like to include digital pictures? It is super-simple with InspectionWise. Simply generate a report and then use the IW toolbar to add the pictures anywhere you want them to appear.

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Welcome to Inspection Wiseelcome
InspectionWise is software for the professional home inspector.
It allows you to save time and money as you take a palmtop computer (PDA, handheld computer) on your home inspections. You'll become more accurate (reducing the chance for legal liability) and faster (reducing your costs) and your inspections will be more fun!

Okay, but why InspectionWise?

  • User-friendly - created for inspectors who don't get along with computers.
  • Free and unlimited telephone tech support.
  • Super-easy to add digital pictures and callouts
  • Toll-free telephone numbers with humans answering the phone 95% of the time.
  • 75% less time writing the inspection report
  • Compliant with all inspection regulations in the U.S. and organizations (TREC, ASHI, NACHI, CREIA, NAHI, NIBI)
  • We give our typical inspector back 37.5 hours of their time every month!
  • Helps you to avoid getting sued,
  • Free trial,
  • Free training,
  • Free documentation,
  • Free upgrades for life


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New version coming soon
We are working on a version of InspectionWise that will run on any handheld device with a browser, whether iPhone, iPad, Android. It even runs on typical PCs. Basically, if you can get to the Internet, you can run our program. More details coming soon.


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